Lady of the Match - Ethiopian Dark Roast


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Reduced acidity, Bolder flavor with a slight smoky flavor with bold chocolate undertones.

Experience the unique and complex flavors of Ethiopia with our Dark Roast coffee.

Sourced directly from the Yirgacheffe region, known for producing some of the finest coffee beans in the world.

Our beans are carefully handpicked and expertly roasted to a dark roast to bring out the richness of the bean's natural flavors and aromas.

The dark roast highlights the coffee's natural sweetness and fruitiness, with notes of berries and citrus and a hint of floral aroma.

The taste is well balanced with medium acidity and a smooth finish. 

Enjoy a cup of our Dark Roast Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee and taste the unique and complex flavors that only Ethiopian coffee can offer.

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